Sunday, 21 January 2018

Social Studies Test & Project

A review sheet was sent home last Thursday for Wednesday's SS test on Communities in Ontario. Please take some time to review the sheets in "le cahier" related to "les communautés agricoles, forestières et minières".
We've also begun our group project on a community of choice. Students have been researching a comunity in Ontario to create a detailed Slide-Show. Research is related to location, natural resources and employment in the community.
Mme Goold

Thursday, 11 January 2018

Agriculture Communities in Ontario

Bonjour!  I'm hoping you all had a wonderful and relaxing holiday.  It's back to having fun while learning "le francais"!
We have begun to learn about agriculture in southern Ontario. After learning about this type of community, we will begin a project on a specific town/community in Ontario (mining, forestry or agriculture).
Here is the reading for the week of January 15-22nd.  Please follow along with the reading in "le cahier". Mme Goold

Les communautés agricoles:  

utilisent=to use,  pousser=to grow, élever=to raise, 
cultive=to cultivate, Il y a=there is/are

Sunday, 17 December 2017

La veille de Noel - READING

Here is this week's reading in "le cahier" : La veille de Noel (Christmas Eve).  Please listen and follow along to practise pronunciation.

After reading, try answering the following questions orally:

1. Qu'est-ce qu'il y a dans le sac du Pere Noel? 
2. Pourquoi est-ce que le Pere Noel est fatigué?
3. Qui a faits les jouets?  
4. Ou est assis le Pere Noel? 
5. Qui ne veux pas etre en retard? 

(ANSWERS: 1. Il y a des tambours, des poupées, des camions, des trains, des toupies et des oursons dans le sac du Pere Noel. 2. Le Pere Noel est fatigué parce qu'il a travaillé toute l'année. 3. Les lutins ont faits les jouets. 4. Le Pere Noel s'est assis dans son fauteuil. 5. Le p'tit Renne au Nez Rouge ne veut pas etre en retard.) 

Sunday, 10 December 2017

Please Practise Reading "avec Madame"

Please watch the video below to hear the correct pronunciation to use when reading this week's sheet in "le cahier".  Many of the words used below were on last week's page.  Merci!  Mme Goold

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Pratiquer les mots- Les communautés minières

Please watch the video below to practise the sentences and pronunciation related to the words sent home in "le cahier" this week.

Mme Goold

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Special Visitor Tomorrow!

As part of our Social Studies unit on "Living and Working in Ontario", I am excited to announce a guest speaker for tomorrow!  My nephew Matt Keogh will be coming in to speak to all the Gr. 3's about his job as a Forest Fire Ranger in Northern Ontario. I hope the students will have plenty of interesting questions to ask him.
Check my Tweets tomorrow to see pictures of Matt with our Gr. 3's!
Mme Goold

Monday, 27 November 2017

Please Practise "Les questions"

Bonjour!  In this week's "cahier", students are asked to practise asking and answering the four questions listed. These are questions that the students created on their own and that we have been practising most mornings during our "Prof du jour" time. We will try to have students film each other asking and answering the questions and then post them on SeeSaw when they feel prepared to do so.
Mme Goold